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My real name is Sanath Devalapurkar.

I am a $14$-year old student aspiring to be a mathematician. I love studying higher category theory. Right now, I'm interested in a version of "$\mathscr{K}$-theory" (it's a construction analagous to ordinary algebraic $\mathscr{K}$-theory from Quillen's $Q$-construction) of $\mathscr{M}\mathrm{od}^\mathscr{O}_A(\mathscr{C}^\otimes)^\otimes$, where $\mathscr{C}^\otimes$ is a unital $\infty$-operad. I have taken some notes on the same at my blog. See Lurie's Higher Algebra for terminology.

Email: devalapurkarsanath@gmail.com or categorymath@gmail.com (I would prefer the first).

My websites: my blog, my page at Problems in Homotopy Theory, and nlab page. I am updating the first more regularly than the others.

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