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I just finished my 3rd year of an Honours Pure Mathematics degree at the University of Calgary. I have done research on applications of simplicial complexes to tetrahedron packing and contact number problems in sphere packings, non-standard models of Peano arithmetic, diagonal distance in quantum error correcting codes, asymptotic combinatorics of modal frames and game theory applications, nilpotent orbit varieties, and bicyclic convex 4-polytopes. I also defined a sequent calculus for dynamic topological logic, wrote a computational chemistry paper introducing the notion of Benzene aromarings, am collaborating with physicists on a black hole physics paper, and am involved in a photovoltaic systems engineering project. I am also currently writing a book on the Geometric Analysis of Convex Bodies which studies the theory of rectification, the connection between elliptic curves and lattice packings, non-congruent sphere packing kissing numbers, homothetic translative covering problems, totally separable sphere packings, and the Mahler conjecture. Mathematically, my main goal before I finish my undergraduate is to prove the Mahler conjecture for certain classes of convex 3-polytopes and 4-polytopes and to finish my book project.

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