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Subject is a functional programming and type theory nerd. The extent to which mathematical thinking has affected subject has not been fully assessed yet, but the brain damage is known to be quite serious already. In particular, subject's ability to communicate with other programmers (such as his coworkers) is severely hampered by his tendency to talk about abstract concepts in terms of themselves rather than in terms of examples.

Subject has expressed hope that a language will be developed with the following features:

  1. as concise as GHC Haskell (at least for the non-proof parts of his programs)
  2. as modular as Standard ML (also add applicative functors)
  3. as pedantic about correctness as Coq (without the admit tactic)
  4. compiles to native binaries as fast as C (with pointers marked as "restrict" whenever possible, and preferring direct system calls to libc calls)
  5. a comprehensive standard library of data structures and algorithms, in the spirit of C++'s STL, but better

Subject has been observed talking about what he calls "deep" analogies between type systems and database schemas. Subject has expressed dismay at the failure of major DBMS implementors to provide sufficiently expressive schemas, alleging that this failure forces him to encode certain business model constraints as database triggers, which he claims is "time-consuming" and "error-prone". Mentioning NoSQL in subject's presence must be avoided at all costs - subject may go on a rampage and cause both material destruction and loss of life.

Subject's outlook on life has been interestingly affected by recent developments, such as his exposure to the Rust programming language, which he now claims has the potential to unify the mathematical elegance of Haskell with the performance focus of C and C++. Subject is probably the only Rust programmer trying to do purely functional programming in Rust. "A Fortran programmer can write Fortran programs in any language. A Haskell programmer will dismiss any language he cannot write Haskell programs in." Rust is one of the few languages subject has not dismissed so far. For some perspective on what this achievement means, especially for a C-family language, the list of languages subject has dismissed includes even the likes of Scala and F#.

Subject goes by the nick "pyon" on both Freenode and Mozilla's IRC network.

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