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I am reading Turaev's blue book Quantum Invariants of Knots and 3-manifolds.

It is difficult for me to understand the proof of Theorem 1.9 in chapter 4, which says;

The function $(M, \partial_{-}M, \partial_{+}M) \mapsto \tau(M): T(\partial_{-}M) \to T(\partial_{+}M)$ extends the modular functor $T$ to a non-degenerate topological quantum field theory.

The proof of the functoriality is unclear for me. I tried to look at Turaev's papers but its harder to understand. Also I don't understand the proof of computation of annomalies (Theorem 4.3 on chapter 4). The method of the proof seems to extend the method of the proof of functoriality to 4-manifolds.

Could you suggest me a textbook or paper etc that explain these theorems or similar material?

Or could you show me more detailed proof of functoriality (and the computation of anomalies) here?

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