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Maybe my question is just a matter of knowing the right equivalent definition.

The question is whether there is some relation between

$ H^p(D^2)$, defined as the space made of the analytic functions on the $2$-disk for which


and the space $H^p(\mathbb R^2)$ which is defined for example as containing the functions such that $\sup_{t>0}|P_t*f|(x)\in L^p$, where is the Poisson kernel or some similar (but you can take $P_t(x)=t^{-2}P(x/t)$ and $P(x)$ some Schwartz function with nonzero mean).

The confusion of notation is just in this post, since (apparently) the books/people treating one kind of spaces never care about the other kind: are there any exceptions to this rule?

Thanks for the help!

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See chapter 8 of Krantz's Explorations in Harmonic Analysis or Hoepfner's Hardy spaces, its variants and applications. – Willie Wong Jan 18 '12 at 21:24
Thank you, that's perfect. – Mircea Jan 18 '12 at 22:47

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