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It is well known that for ordinary categories, if $C$ has finite limits and $D$ is cocomplete, and $A:C \to D $ is left-exact (i.e. preserves finite limits) then the left-Kan extension of $F$ along the Yoneda embedding $y:C \hookrightarrow Set^{C^{op}}$ is left-exact. I'm pretty sure this is still true for $\left(\infty,1\right)$-categories, once we replace the role of presheaves with that of $\infty$-presheaves, but is this written up somewhere?

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Allow me to criticize myself here. This is well known for $D$ a TOPOS. If $D$ is not a topos, is it even true? – David Carchedi Dec 14 '11 at 1:39
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For reference, at least when $D$ is an infinity topos, which I believe is probably necessary, this is Proposition in HTT.

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