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I wonder if there exists one example of non-uniruled algebraic variety with level one Hodge structure.

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I edited the answer to expand it and add more context:

The question was whether there exist nonuniruled smooth projective varieties with Hodge numbers $h^{pq}=0$ for all $|p-q|>1$. Of course, any curve of positive genus has this property. In dimension $2$, an Enriques surface, or any surface with $p_g=0$ and nonnegative Kodaira dimension, will work. Using Kunneth's formula, we can see also that by taking products of Enriques surfaces or products of such surfaces with a positive genus curve, we have an example in every dimension.

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Thank you, that's a cool observation. Does something similar exist in dimension 3 as well? – IMeasy Oct 18 '11 at 16:16

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