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Could anyone point to good readable references for learning about syntomic cohomology?

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I like the notes here, though I must confess I haven't read them completely. It has a nice introduction and explains the context.

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It looks like the address has changed slightly: – CJD Sep 16 '14 at 8:18

I collected my very superficial knowledge only from browsing some articles, so that I can't give good bibl. hints. Perhaps some Besser's new construction of syntomic cohomology for smooth schemes or this article by Kato and Messing could be usefull.

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minor correction: the article linked above is by Fontaine and Messing, the classic reference. [FM] Fontaine J.-M., Messing W., P-adic periods and p-adic ´tale cohomology, Contemporary Math. 67,1987, 179-207. – natura Mar 30 '10 at 2:31

Today new in the arxiv: "Cohomologie syntomique: liens avec les cohomologies étale et rigide".

Edit: Jan Nekovar announces an appendix to this article on "foundational aspects of syntomic topology and cohomology" (perhaps obtainable on request?) and mentions descriptions here and here.

Edit: It shows to be usefull to look (for the keywords in various languages) for exposé's of talks in the late 1980's explaining themes around Fontaine-Messing's article.

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