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I am not really a maths person and I have a question regarding shannon entropy. I have different datasets which only consists of three letter(I,N,M) such as : dataset1: {I,I,N,M,I,I} dataset2: {I,I,I,M,I,I,N,M},...

each element in each dataset has a weight which is calculated using a function F(x). For each dataset I like to calculate the entropy using the weight(F(x)).

Now I have two questions; 1) How can I calculate a weighted entropy? 2) Is it possible to convert the F(X) to probabilities so I can use them as probability when calculating the entropy?

Thanks in advance;


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Reyhaneh: if you're not really a math person, there are sites that will answer your questions better, as MathOverflow is very much designed solely for math people (i.e. research-level questions). If you read the FAQ mathoverflow.net/faq , you will find suggestions of other sites that will be more suitable for you. –  Thierry Zell Aug 18 '11 at 11:37
You might consider asking this question on stats.stackexchange.com –  Suresh Venkat Aug 20 '11 at 21:59
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