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Hello, I am looking for a paper by Irena Swanson on a result on comparison of ordinary and symbolic powers of prime ideals in complete local rings. The paper is referenced in problem 0.9 here I don't know the name of the paper, and so far my searches have been to no avail. I searched through the preprints made available on her website, but did not find it (or probably missed it). Thanks for any help.

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That would be number 11 on her paper site "Linear equivalence of topologies".

As for Problem 0.9, it is known for regular local rings over fields by Ein-Lazarsfeld-Smith and Hochster-Huneke. The most recent result is for isolated singularities, see this paper (a pdf file can be found on Dan Katz website).

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Thanks a lot, Hailong for the pointed reference. I am aware of Ein-Lazarsfeld-Smith and Hochster-Huneke results in this direction. I had not seen the Huneke-Katz-Validashti paper though. Thanks for that one as well. – Anton Jun 29 '11 at 5:03

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