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It can be difficult to learn mathematics on your own from textbooks, and I often wish universities videotaped their mathematics courses and distributed them for free online. Fortunately, some universities do that (albeit to a very limited extent), and I hope we can compile here a list of all the mathematics courses one can view in their entirety online.

Please only post videos of entire courses; that is, a speaker giving one lecture introducing a subject to the audience should be off-limits, but a sequence of, say, 30 hour-long videos, each of which is a lecture delivered in a class would be very much on-topic.

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Some list can be fetched from the ancient post – Unknown Feb 5 '11 at 19:00
+100 if I could. I always wanted to have them in summers. – Unknown Feb 5 '11 at 23:11

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Eleven lectures by Amritanshu Prasad on representation theory, the first two on generalities, the next five deal with representations of symmetric groups in the semisimple case, going up to the calculation of character values using Frobenius' formula. The next two deal with polynomial representations of GL(m). The last two are on the hook-length formula and Frobenius's characteristic function respectively. Assignments and notes are available on the course website for the first seven lectures.

This content forms the bulk of a book titled "Representation Theory: A Combinatorial Viewpoint" (Cambridge University Press, 2015) by the lecturer.

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A Computability Theory course by Bart Kastermans. These lectures followed Robert Soare's new book, which is not yet published, so they are temporarily behind a password; however, Bart's website indicates that the passwords are available upon request. (In any case they will be open to the public eventually, I think.)

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A master course by Benoit Fresse on operads and Grothendieck-Teichmüller groups (in french), at Université Lille 1, given this semester (Winter 2012). The course has a really nice and complete introduction to the subject. The principal reference is a preprint (in english) writed by Fresse.

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Here is a summer school on Berkovich spaces

(there are more courses at but unfortunately they are not broken into catergories; one has to fish for mathematical courses more or less via manual search)

The following links lead to lectures in Russian.

a summer school for undergraduates (topics include number theory, metric geometry, anabelian geometry)

has a huge collection of videos, including recordings of summer school courses both for undergraduates and graduates. is an example of a similar effort.

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Here is a good resource of video lectures conducted by IIT's & IISc's:

There is also a YouTube channel:

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This might not fulfill the requirements of being a mathematics course, but I think that it is close enough. In 2006 the Clay Mathematics Institute hosted a Summer School in Arithmetic Geometry. The videos are great if you have a solid foundation in algebraic geometry already and wish to continue in the direction of arithmetic geometry .

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The lecture videos of Introduction to Abstract Algebra, taught by Benedict Gross at Harvard, can be downloaded here.

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Partially orderdered sets course by William T. Trotter:

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The YouTube channel of The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai has several such courses, such as "Effective methods in Diophantine Analysis" by Yuri Bilu, "Soergel modules and Kazhdan-Lusztig theory" by Ben Elias, a course on von Neumann algebras by Sunder, Lie groups by Raghunathan and many more:

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The videos of Mike Freedman lectures on the topology of 4-manifolds, broadcasted from UC Santa Barbara: Freedman's Lectures

Also other videos on 4-manifolds and related topics given at MPIM during the 4-manifold semester in 2013: MPIM lectures

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My alma mater, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, has a video course archive on some subjects (mostly undergraduate). These include

Calculus I, II, III

Differential Equations (undergrad and grad)

Linear algebra (undergrad and grad)

Discrete Math (undergrad)

Algebra (elementary and abstract)

Analysis (Real, Functional, but no Complex)

Statistics (graduate)

Geometry (mostly Euclidean)

There are several more.

For each class here, the entire semester was recorded. To download the videos, you have to create an account, which merely requires a name and email address.

Here's the webpage:

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Carmen Rovi's DailyMotion website has 160+ videos on the topology of manifolds in general, and surgery theory in particular, of lectures either given at the University of Edinburgh or at conferences elsewhere. Some of the lectures are courses, and some are one-offs. The November 2012 Edinburgh course of 12 lectures by Rob Kirby on high-dimensional manifold topology is a particular highlight.

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Here you find the videos of the conference "Orbits, Primitive Ideals and Quantum Groups", Weizmann Institute, Israel.

The videos are about:

  1. Finite W-algebras, by I. Losev
  2. Adapted pairs in a biparabolic subalgebra, by F. Fauquant-Millet
  3. Hopf Algebra and Root Systems, by H-J Schneider
  4. Quiver Grassmannians, by M. Reineke
  5. Quantum quasi-Shuffles, by M. Rosso
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If it's not too gauche to plug my own course at CMU,

23 lectures on Analysis of Boolean Functions (one lecture by John Wright):

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I would recommend those from Simon's Center for Geometry and Physics. Here is a list of all workshops at SCGP.

Videos from all of their workshops are available online. Here are all talks from Random Tilings Workshop last February.

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There are many good quality math lectures (mostly in Russian but sometimes in English) they are groupped by courses (for example

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My rather standard course on ordinary differential equations, at

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This collection has a mixture of French and English, but here you can find videos given at the Bicentennial of the Birth of Evariste Galois (Bicentennaire de la naissance d'Evariste Galois) at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris.

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Here are some of my favorites :

  1. Sidney Coleman's Quantum Field Theory

  2. Shiraz Minwalla's String Theory

  3. MIT OCW

  4. Videos to short courses at some workshops can be found at IAS and MSRI

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The Eilenberg Lectures at Columbia. So far, the topics have been:

  • Benedict Gross, on number theory and representation theory
  • Edward Frenkel, on Langlands program and quantum field theory
  • Sergiu Klainerman, on the mathematical theory of general relativity
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