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Could anyone point me to an easily available reference for Wiener's formula used in the following answer ?

fourier transform of radon measure

I tried the most obvious sources without success.

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Isn't this just the Plancherel formula for measures? Perhaps you'll find the Tauberian theorem(s) relevant. – Steve Huntsman Dec 2 '10 at 15:22
@Steve Huntsman: No. But it follows from a simple calculation, starting with the RHS. – Christian Remling Feb 18 at 5:12

It is a formula usually attributed to Parseval:

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You can find a proof of this in

W. F. Eberlein, "A note on Fourier-Stiltjes Transforms", Proceedings of the AMS, Vol 6, No 2, April 1955, pp 310-312.

I think the result is older than this paper.

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