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The topological A model was constructed by Witten in Comm. Math. Phys. Volume 118, Number 3 (1988), 411-449. I am looking for the original paper where topological B model was first introduced. I am reading another paper of Witten, Topological Field theory and mirror manifolds, where he discussed the B model, but I am looking for first construction of B model.

Can you also suggest some other references about the modern treatment of B model. I know Kevin Costello has done some work in this direction.

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I think the relevant physics reference is the paper by Bershadsky-Cecotti-Ooguri-Vafa . I once asked a similar question on MO:… Zaslow and Ben-Zvi's answers there should be useful to you. – Kevin H. Lin Nov 29 '10 at 7:24
@ Kevin - I looked at your question and the answers by Zaslow n Ben-Zvi, but this is not exactly what I am looking for. In Witten's paper Mirror manifolds and Topological Field theory, he gives two topological sigma models, A and B model. I found A model in Witten's other paper, topological sigma model. But I didn't find B-model any where. I am looking for the simplest B-model like the one Witten constructed in his paper. I find answers to most of my questions in your earlier questions. Thanks. – J Verma Dec 1 '10 at 4:04

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