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I have a series of 2 columns called Amount & Percentage. Now the amount is incrementing with no linear value eg 1659,3167,4495 and I want to have a data for every 1000 that is 1000,2000,3000,4000,5000. It can be done by avreaging the percetage data. How can be done? Then I want to automate it by using c++ but I want a mathematical proof like.


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hmm, that's called linear interpolation: basic statistics. If you can assume that it is a linear relationship, you need to find the best fitting line with $y=mx+b$, which you could do with minimizing the least squares error of the best fit line. Search for linear regression and least squares fitting to figure out more. The FAQs make it look like this doesn't belong here on this website, but on a basic math or homework site instead.

If the underlying distribution in not linear, there's more work. Either way, it's not really the kind of question for here, I believe.

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