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I have a set of isolines points ( or contour points) such as this:

alt text

Each point has their own respective X, Y and Z. Since they are isolines, that means that all of the points will have a unique X-Y pair, i.e., they will be no two points with the same X and Y but different Z.

Now, is there any algorithm, or any software packages ( either in C# or matlab) that I can use to interpolate this isoline points into full 3D surface points?

P/S: I am not just the final output, I am interested in getting the interpolated lines myself so that I can plot the surface myself.

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See these papers:

W. Barrett, E. Mortensen, and D. Taylor. An image space algorithm for morphological contour interpolation. In Proceedings of Graphics Interface'94, pages 16-24, 1994.

M. B. Gousie and W. R. Franklin. Converting Elevation Contours to a Grid. In SDH’98, Vancouver, 1998. http://www.ecse.rpi.edu/Homepages/wrf/research/p/contour.pdf.

If you can read (or guess) Portuguese, see



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