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In my case as input I have such data structures: original image (RGB pixels), objects (squares) with lines crossing points in pixels (x,y) on Image Plane.

I have image like this


In my particular case the Image Plane has 3 quadrilaterals - projections of real world squares, which, as we know, have same size, lying on the same plane, with same rotation relative to the plane they are lying on, and are not situated on same line on plane.

question my is How to get homography matrix in such case? any papers \ algorithms \ formulas?

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How did you come to this step in your problem? What two mathematical constructs are you trying to relate with the homography matrix? Can you explain how you constructed the image, or if you didn't make it, what is it's source? How are you extracting information from the image? mathoverflow.net/questions/38627/… mathoverflow.net/questions/38742/… –  sleepless in beantown Sep 19 '10 at 16:52
How have you tried to solve this problem yourself? What formulas or approaches have you tried so far? What type of homography are you looking for? –  sleepless in beantown Sep 19 '10 at 16:53

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