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I am looking for a reference talking about the complete(or not)description of t-structures in bounded derived category of $R-mod$, i.e. $D^b(R-mod)$.where $R$ is commutative ring, in particular, polynomial ring, say $C[x]$.


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The answer depends on whether you are interested in the derived category of all $R$-modules, or only of finitely generated $R$-modules (if $R$ is noetherian). In the second case the answer should be much more complicated. Although, in the case when $R$ has homological dimension 1 (e.g. for $R = C[x]$), it should be easier. – Sasha Jul 16 '10 at 20:04
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Provided $R$ has a dualizing complex an answer is given in this (very nice) preprint of Alonso, Jeremias, and, Saorin in terms of certain filtrations on the spectrum of $R$. Corollary 6.11 is the result you are after.

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