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The special years are listed here, http://www.math.ias.edu/node/530

I've been frustrated to find further information of these special years (especially the recent ones and coming ones), like a list of events related to each year and so on. I know they published several proceedings during some years, but apparently, it's not for all years.

So I'd like to know if they have such calendars before the whole events start? And where can we find them? Maybe I should really just write to IAS about such things. But it would also be great to hear other people talking about it. I'm also curious about how people can apply for the special year, do they provide funding for grad students and so on.


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I doubt in general that there is a complete calendar before the whole event starts. (I can say that not all events for the 2010-11 special year on Galois reps. and automorphic forms are planned as of yet. These events typically include workshops/conferences and lecture series by individual participants, among others.) As for attending them: I believe that senior people get invited by the organizer, a year or more in advance, and then at some point, the field is opened for other people (including post-docs, and perhaps some grad students --- but I'm not sure about the latter) to apply. –  Emerton Jul 14 '10 at 5:22
Also, regarding proceedings: for any event (a conference/workshop, a special year, ...), producing a proceedings requires all or many of the speakers to do the (highly non-trivial for most) work of writing up their lectures. It also requires the organizers (or some subset thereof) to do the (highly non-trivial for most) work of badgering the speakers into writing up their lectures, editing the results, and putting it all together into a reasonable format, within a reasonable time. For this reason, it requires very dedicated organizers, and ... –  Emerton Jul 14 '10 at 5:25
... (at least some) very dedicated speakers to produce a proceedings. This is why not every workshop/conference/special event has one (indeed, why most do not have them). –  Emerton Jul 14 '10 at 5:26

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