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I would like to study Nori motives and I am a complete outsider of the subject. I do, however, have background on Chow motives, Voevodsky motives $\mathrm{DM}$ and his stable homotopy category $\mathrm{SH}$.

My question is:

Do you know an introductory reference and the main papers about Nori motives?

Thank you very much

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Probably the best introduction has alredy been mentioned by Donu Arapura, and it is avaible online:

Section 1 ("Essentials of Nori Motives") of this paper might also be useful:

Also, there's some interestingunpublished notes on motives by Nori himself:

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Thanks a lot, Myshkin – Tintin Mar 10 at 16:47
there is a recent new construction due to Joyal-Cartier; see – guest May 25 at 1:38

There are brief outlines in various places, such as an article by Marc Levine on motives in the K-theory handbook. However, the most complete reference is the manuscript "Periods and Nori motives" by Annette Huber and Stefan Müller-Stach. I expect that it will be published in the near future. In the meantime, I suspect a copy may be available from one of their web pages, or perhaps you need to ask them.

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Thanks a lot, Donu. – Tintin Mar 10 at 16:48

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