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Encouraged by Does anyone have an electronic copy of Waldspurger's "Sur les coefficients de Fourier des formes modulaires de poids demi-entier"? I realized I could ask for this rare item here.

Again, it is Yury G. Teterin's 1984 (Russian) preprint "Representation of numbers by spinor genera." For whatever reason (possibly length?) it never made it into the usual Zapiski Nauchnykh Seminarov Leningradskogo Otdeleniya Matematicheskogo Instituta im. V. A. Steklova AN SSSR.

Let me give some detail. I do not know the number of pages. The preprint probably never appeared elsewhere, at least not under the same title. It was probably never translated into English. No American mathematics library admits to having it. The easiest place to find mention of the preprint is in Math Reviews MR0732548 (86d:11042) which is a review, by Oleg M. Fomenko, of Schulze-Pillot's 1984 "Thetareihen positiv definiter quadratischer Formen." (I do not know how to make the MR reference a link).

The preprint is mentioned in a later related item by the same author that has been translated, see

as well as one by Elena P. Golubeva

Finally, I have emailed Teterin with no result so far. If nothing happens for a long time I could write to O. M. Fomenko and see what happens. The three people in St. Petersburg that I have mentioned are

Well, thanks for any assistance. Individual replies are always welcome, one of my email addresses can be found through

EDIT, 2 June 2010: the pdf is on one of my websites, at

under the name Teterin_1984.pdf

Let me point out that there are the strongly related Golubeva_Fomenko_1984.pdf in English translation, as well as Schulze_Pillot_1984_Darstellungsmasse.pdf and Schulze_Pillot_1984_Thetareihen.pdf in these cases still in German. Also Math Reviews of most of the papers for which I lack a translation into English.

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To make a link from MR number, click on “Make Link” under the title. For example: Of course, you can simply append in front of the MR number. – Dmitri Pavlov Apr 25 '10 at 1:13
Thanks for the idea. I don't think it worked the way I did it, but then I just know Latex in its original context and I need to push (Re)process math for any MO item I look at. But I see your link works. – Will Jagy Apr 25 '10 at 2:25
When you obtain an electronic version of a paper that is not readily available for download to everybody, it is usually a good idea to post it on your web page so that other mathematicians can get it more easily in the future. At least this is what I do with the papers that I scan: – Dmitri Pavlov May 12 '10 at 5:30
Dear Dmitri, evidently I put the pdf on the website on 26 April. But your comment shows that it would have mattered to point out on MO that I had posted the pdf, so I have edited the question to reflect that, also repeating the address. – Will Jagy Jun 3 '10 at 0:38
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Yura Teterin left mathematics and POMI but may be he is reading his POMI e-mail also one can try to ask for a scan at POMI editorial dept (Vera Simonova or at the library

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Thank you, Nikolai. Given your news, the editorial department is the logical next step, and thank you for the contact information. I am also encouraged by seeing POMI preprints online, some not very long at all, in ps.gz format, one of yours in 2006 in both an English summary and Russian original, at – Will Jagy Apr 25 '10 at 18:47
I will look tomorrow. – Nikolai Mnev Apr 25 '10 at 22:04
Dear Kolya, I got the preprint and sent you a reply. The article looks really good! At this point you may want to delete the comment above that shows one of your email addresses. I have never had any trouble, but there are supposedly automated programs called "bots" that search for such things. So I make it very easy for a real person to find my email address by searching in (and I put that in my Math Overflow "profile" for anyone to see), but I do not usually leave that address visible for very long. – Will Jagy Apr 26 '10 at 20:14
I am taking the point of view that all my addresses are already cached by all bots:) – Nikolai Mnev Apr 26 '10 at 20:24
You are a wise man. I am humbled by your presence. – Will Jagy Apr 26 '10 at 20:30

I think you can try to call to the library of PDMI. Most libraries copy materials and mail it to you for a reward.

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Thank you, Leonid. Enjoyed your "Life" automaton. – Will Jagy Apr 25 '10 at 18:20

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