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Is there a possibility to watch ICM 2014 opening ceremony and the big talks online?

I hope there is since it was possible for the previous meeting.

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Maybe this link works: icm2014.org/en/vod/vod –  voldemort Aug 12 at 23:46

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Perhaps a bit late at this point, but the opening ceremony is being broadcast live on http://www.ebs.co.kr/onair?channelCodeString=tv , with the caveat that so far there's been Korean translations over top of the English from the actual speakers.

I think the talks will be uploaded to the ICM's Youtube account later on, as well: https://www.youtube.com/user/ICM2014VOD

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Thanks! It is great that sometimes they have only subtitles. –  timur Aug 13 at 0:52

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