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The question I want to ask is inspired by this mathoverflow post about epimorphisms in the category of commutative rings. I found the seminar (by P. Samuel) referenced by David Rydh particularly interesting so I wanted to ask if anyone could provide me a similar reference for epimorphisms in noncommutative rings.

The reference does not have to be anywhere near as exhaustive as the Samuel seminar is. It can just be a list of interesting examples. In particular, I would be very interested in an example of an epimorphism that is not a combination of surjections and localizations.

If possible, I would really appreciate a reference that is somewhat self-contained. English would also be ideal but if the reference is in French, that would also be ok.

Thank you.

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Chapter XI of B. Stenström: Rings of Quotients, Springer Grundlehren vol. 217, 1975; SpringerLink; an earlier draft had appeared as LNM 237.

H. H. Storrer: Epimorphic Extensions of Non-Commutative Rings, Comment. Math. Helv. 48 (1973), pp. 72-86.

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Thank you so much. I like the look of the Storrer reference a lot. – Siddharth Venkatesh May 17 '14 at 13:55

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