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I want to use the t-test on samples grabbed from performing a procedure in three slightly different ways. These are very correlated. I have gotten several samples of results from all 3 of these. I've generated their means, standard deviations, confidence intervals, etc.

How do I now run the student's t-test on it?

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Your question is an example of the wrong way to ask a statistics question! Do not ask "...How do I use the X-test", but describe yout data, your experiment, and the research question you want to solve. maybe then we can fins an answer, and maybe that answer do not inculde an t-test.

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The procedure you follow to collect the data from the processes that you are observing, define a mathematical model. When you perform a hypothesis test, you are asking questions about the parameters of the model. A t-test refers to the t-distribution, a statistical distribution that pops up frequently when asking questions about model parameters.

I would suggest that you pull out your favorite elementary statistics book and read about one-way analysis of variance, keeping in mind the procedure that must be followed for this version of an ANOVA to be legitimate.

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