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I am trying to teach myself some algebra by reading Bourbaki's Algebra (en, 2nd printing, 1998). Reading through Chapter 2, §1, I find that there are a couple of mistakes.

  • (no. 2, paragraph (-7)) Let $A$ be a ring; for two $A$-modules $E$ and $F$, the set $\hom(E,F)$ is claimed to be a commutative ring.

  • (no. 6, paragraph 2) The notation $j_\kappa$ for $\kappa \in I$ is wrongly defined.

Although these are very minor, and very easy to spot, the fact that these are mistakes remains. So, I'd be glad if someone pointed out an existing errata (in whose absence, this thread could double itself up as a list of errata).

While we are at it, can someone also please explain to me, how is the reference to Chapter 1, §6, no. 7 relevant to the Remark (2) in Chapter 2, §1, no. 5?

The remark is about extensions and so is Chapter 1, §6. But I fail to see the relevance article no. 7 to this remark.

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Learning some subject from Bourbaki is an interesting idea:-) Some later editions publish the list of misprints/errors in the previous editions (at least this is the case in the Russian translations). When you accumulate a long list, I suggest that you send it to the publisher, if he is still alive. (The author died long ago, I suppose; there was even a rumor of the official funeral). – Alexandre Eremenko Jun 12 '13 at 18:32
The 'author' still published a book as recently as last year, IIRC, and in addition organises a regular seminar. The rumours of their death are greatly exagerated. – user9072 Jun 13 '13 at 1:01

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