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I've been investigating the Milnor hypersurfaces, and every reference seems to point to the paper by Milnor, "On the cobordism ring $\Omega_*$ and a complex analogue II". Despite my best efforts, I cannot seem to find it. Was this paper ever published? If not, is there a draft that is available?

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Here's what John Milnor writes about this, in his collected works:

The projected Part II of this paper was never written. In fact I am chagrined to discover that I have never published any details about some of the announced results which were intended to appear in it. I was very grateful when Thom gave me permission to reprint his 1959 Bourbaki lecture, "Travaux de Milnor sur le cobordism", which gives a better account of this work than anything which I have published.

(page 249 of Part III of the Collected Papers of John Milnor, AMS 2007).

The paper by René Thom which Milnor mentions can be accessed here.

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Awesome! Thank you very much. – Glen M Wilson May 3 '13 at 17:51

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