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M -> ann(x)

i can find the grobner basis of kernel of ann(x) and need the final step to recover this basis to ideal

as i know, eliminate is not for all cases, what is the general practice to treat this case? i do not have a real example of this. Hope an example.

which book teach this to convert basis back to ideals, if have maple code will be more understandable

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Crossposted:… – Qiaochu Yuan Apr 21 '13 at 9:46

Okay, I just assume that your notation is meanful as in common com. algebra.

An easy ref. may be founded in J.B. Fraleigh's First course in Abstract Algebra. Sec 28(I do not remeber the number for sure) And as for algebraic geometry, I really know nothing.

A thorough ref. is W.W. Adams and Loustaunnau's An Introduction to Grobner Bases, personal favorite.

About Elimination method, I remember there is a section about it in Waerden's moder algebra...I don't know what is a general method, maybe you can search for some papers.

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