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I'm just reading J. Cigler's script for his talks "Konkrete Analysis" where I find the term "Jabotinsky-matrix" for that matrix, which I've (informally) been taught to call "Bell-matrix" (see at least Wikipedia where it is subsumed under "Carleman-matrix", but can be found in various papers). Then I find the same in D. Knuth's 1992-article on "convolution polynomials" where he develops/refers to that same idea and attributes it to Eri Jabotinsky(1947) (gives as an example the formal power series for the "half-iterate" of $ \exp(x)-1$ )
(The carleman-matrix is a transpose and similarity-transform using the factorials).

Q: is one of the names "canonized"? And if, which?
Q2: And, if not: which should one prefer in writing?

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