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Let $V$ be a polynomial representation of the general linear group $\Gamma:=\DeclareMathOperator{\Gl}{Gl}\Gl_n(\newcommand{\C}{\mathbb C}\C)$.

In chapter 4.6 of his book "Algorithms in Invariant Theory", Bernd Sturmfels describes an algorithm he calls Hilbert's Algorithm, which calculates a finite set of generators for the ring of invariants $$\C[V]^\Gamma = \left\{~ f\in\C[V] ~:~ \forall\gamma\in\Gamma:~ \gamma.f=f ~\right\}.$$ My question: Are there any software implementations of this algorithm (or, of any algorithm that does the same thing) in computer algebra systems? I would prefer free software, but if the only implementation is in a commercial product, I'd still use it.

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I have no useful comment on this very interesting question (although I think I heard people talking about implementing this recently at a Macaulay2 conference -- but it's not there yet), but I thought it might be worth remarking that this appears to me to be the 5000th question in ag.algebraic-geometry. – Karl Schwede Sep 11 '12 at 4:14
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Magma (not free, unfortunately) is capable of this. The method FundamentalInvariants(R) : RngInvar -> RngMPol should do what you need.

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