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In 2010 Langlands wrote an article with the title Funktorialität in der Theorie der automorphen Formen: Ihre Entdeckung und ihre Ziele. On the IAS website, he says that

This note ... was written as commentary to accompany the original letter in a collection of documents on reciprocity laws and algebraic number theory, ... to appear.

By the original letter he means of course his famous Letter to André Weil in which the Langlands conjectures were first formulated.

Questions. Has this collection of documents already appeared? If not, when and where is it likely to appear? What other documents does it contain?

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Would you please be kind enough to translate the title for non German speakers? – Sylvain JULIEN Jul 6 '12 at 17:22
Functoriality in the theory of automorphic forms. La fonctorialité dans la théorie des formes automorphes. – Chandan Singh Dalawat Jul 6 '12 at 17:52
Thank you but actually I understood this part. What I don't understand are the words "Entdeckung" and "Ziele". – Sylvain JULIEN Jul 6 '12 at 22:40
Entdeckung = discovery, découverte ; Ziele = aims, objectifs. – Chandan Singh Dalawat Jul 7 '12 at 1:39
Ok, thank you very much. – Sylvain JULIEN Jul 7 '12 at 11:31

Emil Artin and Beyond – Class Field Theory and $L$-Functions

Heritage of European Mathematics

Della Dumbaugh ( University of Richmond, USA ) Joachim Schwermer (University of Vienna, Austria)

Emil Artin and Beyond – Class Field Theory and $L$-Functions

ISBN 978-3-03719-146-0 DOI 10.4171/146 March 2015, 245 pages, hardcover, 16.5 x 23.5 cm. 68.00 Euro

Table of Contents

I. Class field theory: From Artin's course in Hamburg to Chevalley's "Éléments idéaux Claude Chevalley's thesis on class field theory and his notion of "Éléments idéaux Introduction Letter from Claude Chevalley to Helmut Hasse, June 20, 1935 Letter from Helmut Hasse to Claude Chevalley, June 28, 1935 II. Creating a life: Emil Artin in America Emigration, immigration and pre-remigration Introduction Letter from Solomon Lefschetz to Father John O'Hara, January 12, 1937 III. The collaboration of Emil Artin and George Whaples The work of Artin and Whaples--A conceptual breakthrough in algebraic number theory Introduction George Whaples' application to the Institute for Advanced Study, School of Mathematics, Princeton, NJ, February 10, 1941 IV. Margaret Matchett: Artin's student at Indiana and her thesis Margaret Matchett and her thesis "On the zeta function for ideles" Introduction Margaret Mathcett's doctoral dissertation "On the zeta function for ideles" V. L-functions by James W. Cogdell L-functions and non-abelian class field theory, from Artin to Langlands VI. Automorphic L-functions by Robert P. Langlands Letter from Robert Langlands to André Weil, January 1967 Funktorialität in der Theorie der automorphen Formen: Ihre Entdeckung und ihre Ziele Einführung Bibliography Index

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